Digitally extending Analog Games.

An Example.

about cuboino

cuboino is a tangible, digital extension for the marble-game cuboro.

It consists of a set of cubes that are seamlessly compatible with the cuboro cubes. In contrast to the passive cuboro cubes, cuboino modules are active parts of a digital system consisting of sensor cubes, actor cubes and supply cubes. By snapping them together, the playercan build a modular system that functions according to he individual functionalities of the cuboino cubes.

cuboino establishes a new pathway that is not embodied in the marble, but adapts to the medium of its transmission. Signals can be received by multiple modules, creating more than one signal at a time. This allows signals to intertwine and thus create more dynamic and complex outcomes.

For more informations have a look at my bachelor-thesis.

cuboino networks

Due to its modular nature, cuboino cubes allow for different systems to be assembled by the player. Here a selection of systems and concepts are presented in order to showcase the possibilities of cuboino cubes.

marble distributor
remote marble distributor
infinity loop


cuboino was created in the course of my bachelor-thesis.

The thesis deals with the extension of analog games using digital technology. cuboino is the try to exemplify the possibilities of this approach.