dynamically embodying sound


Klangkoerper is a kinetic machine that explores the materialization and embodiment of audio signals. With the device sound can be captured, manipulated, stored and released in realtime. The form of the artifact reveals informations about its content by visualizing the average levels through diameter changing circles.

Every sound has a very unique profile when we look at its volume amplitude over time. We wanted to create an object that not only lets us visualize sound through shape change but also provides an interesting way for physical manipulation of that sound in real-time. As soon as someone speaks into the Klangkoerper, actuated “ribs” represent the sounds waveform, which seems to travel through the device in real-time. If the user covers the end of the Klangkörper with his hand the sound would be captured instead of just traveling through.

Once inside the Klangkoerper, one interacts with the sound similarly to a liquid. Using different combinations of the caps, your hands, the actuating ribs, and some simple gestures, you can achieve a lot of interesting, dynamic, and organic results.

In collaboration with Basheer Tome and Philipp Schoessler,