visualizing digital tectonics


Networks are shaped, shifted, defined by movements. If we consider them as planes, they exist within certain boundaries, frontiers that separate one from one another. They are contained within edges that sometime get dull or sharpen, that sometime extend or break. A malleable matrix of push-pull dynamics, a self defined entity reviving itself continuously. Scar tissues are networks.

Echo physically visualizes invisible tectonics plates : the unstable virtual ground. It's silent but far from inert. Most see it as a whole medium, as an homogeneously stable mixture of media when in fact, it react like nitroglycerin. Billion times a second. How can we render those crossings, those collisions, that noise? The same as if they would be actual earthquakes; using cross-references as signs that tectonics plates are shearing, digital movements are translated visually using a seismograph.

In collaboration with: Deniz Turegun, Katy Benedict, Michele Kr├╝ger, Samuel Cousin