heat-sealing inflatable shape-change materials for interaction design


The project investigates how to make inflatable origami structure with various materials. We introduced a universal bending mechanism that creates programmable shape-changing behaviors with paper, plastics and fabrics. We developed a software tool that generates this bending mechanism for a given geometry, simulates its transformation, and exports the compound geometry as digital fabrication files. A custom heat-sealing head that can be mounted on usual 3-axis CNC machines to precisely fabricate the designed transforming material is presented. We envision this technology could be used for designing interactive wearables, toys, and packaging industry.

In collaboration with Jifei Ou (Lead), Mélina Skouras, Nikolaos Vlavianos, Chin-Yi Cheng and Jannik Peters.

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UIST 2016 Honoroble Mention

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