design for graceful obsolesence

Project | 2016

phones in the connected home

microinteractions for physical proximity

Experiments | 2015


inflatable shape-change materials

Project | 2015


fabricating shape-changing interfaces

Project | 2015


toolkit for inflatables

Project | 2015

Sensory Fiction

affective storytelling

Experiment | 2013


dynamically embodying sound

Experiment | 2013


sculptural multitouch furniture

Project | 2013


extending analog games

Project | 2012


antropomorphic artifact

Project | 2011


interpreting everyday actions

Project | 2011


visualizing digital tectonics

Experiment | 2011


Felix is an Interaction Designer and Creative Engineer, currently working at TEAGUE. He received his Masters from the Tangible Media Group of the MIT Media Lab. Earlier he graduated in the Digital Media Program, hosted by the University of Bremen and the University of the Arts Bremen. He taught workshops, lectures, and classes at MIT, RCA London, Ars Electronica, and other occasions.

In his work, Felix creates delightful experiences, playful interactions, and novel concepts using technology. His work focusses on innovation and spans across the disciplines of art, science, design, and technology.

Employment / Education


Seattle, 2015-current
Design Engineer at TEAGUE designing and prototyping novel ways of living and interacting in connected environments.

MIT Media Lab

Cambridge MA, 2013-2015
Research Assistant at the Tangible Media Group. Exploring ways of physically embodying the digital.

MESO Digital Interiors

Frankfurt, 2013
Intern at MESO Digital Interiors creating phygital exhibition experiences.

Concordia University

Montreal, 2011
Studied at the Department of Design and Computation Arts for the fall semester.

University & University of the Arts Bremen

Bremen, 2009-2012
Studied in the Digital Media Program and learned the fundamentals of Computer Science and design-oriented problem solving. Worked on science, engineering, and art projects.


J. Ou, M. Skouras, N. Vlavianos, F. Heibeck, C-Y. Cheng, J. P,eters, H. Ishii: aeroMorph: Heat-sealing Inflatable Shape-change Materials for Interaction Design. In UIST'16. (FULL PAPER, HONORABLE MENTION)

J. Ou, G. Dublon, C-Y. Yeng, F. Heibeck, K. Willis, H. Ishii: Cilllia: 3D Printed Micro-Pillar Structures for Surface Texture, Actuation and Sensing In CHI'16. (FULL PAPER)

F.Heibeck, B. Tome, C. Silva, H. Ishii: uniMorph: Fabricating Thin Film Composites for Shape-Changing Interfaces. In UIST'15. (FULL PAPER, HONORABLE MENTION)

S. Leigh, P. Schoessler, F. Heibeck, P. Maes, H. Ishii. THAW: Tangible Interaction with See-Through Augmentation for Smartphones on Computer Screens. In TEI'15. (FULL PAPER)

F.Heibeck, A. Hope, J. Legault. Sensory Fiction: A Design Fiction of Emotional Computation. In ImmersiveMedia'14. (FULL PAPER)

S. Leigh, P. Schoessler, F. Heibeck, P. Maes, H. Ishii. THAW: Tangible Interaction with See-Through Augmentation for Smartphones on Computer Screens. In UIST'14. (DEMO)

F.Heibeck, Cuboino. extending physical games: an example. In CHI'13. (DEMO, WIP)

Selected Press


Creative Applications (2016) 10 Most Memorable Projects of 2015

Gizomodo (2015) Interfaces That Curl, Wave, and Breathe Are Closer Than You Think

Designboom (2015) tangible media group develops shape shifting film for multiple purposes

Creative Applications (2015) uniMorph – Rapid digital fabrication of film shape-changing interfaces

Futurescope (2015) uniMorph - shape-changing interfaces

Atmel Bits and Pieces (2015) MIT is developing shape-shifting interfaces

Trendhunter (2015) Shape-Shifting Films


RCA News (2015) Tangible Media Group Inflates Curiosity at the RCA

Atmel Bits and Pieces (2016) Pneuduino is a modular platform for fast prototyping of inflatable structures

SmashingRobotics (2016) Pneuduino: a Modular Platform for Controlling Airflow and Pressure

Sensory Fiction

npr (2014) Sensory Fiction: Books That Let You Feel What The Characters Do

Core77 (2014) Literary Leaps: 'Sensory Fiction' Gives Us a Reading Experience We Can Feel (and Hear)

FastCo.Design (2014) From MIT, An Interactive Book That Makes You Feel Characters' Pain

Protein (2014) Sensory Fiction

Slate (2014) Do Books Need Soundtracks and Special Effects?

The Verge (2014) Sensory Fiction is a prototype that lets you feel a book's emotions

c|net (2014) Wearable book lets readers feel the fiction

Huffington Post (2014) 'Sensory Fiction' Uses A Vibrating Vest To Tell Stories In New Dimensions

Mashable (2014) Wearable Book Creates Sensory Reading Experience

Paste (2014) "Sensory Fiction" Makes Books Physically Stimulating


CreativeApplications (2013) Cuboino is a tangible, digital extension for the marble-game Cuboro.

Gizomodo (2013) Interactive Blocks Are Sure To Lure Kids Back To Wooden Marble Mazes.

PSFK (2013) Arduino-Laden Building Blocks Add Digital Effects To Basic Games.