Felix Heibeck

Hej, Iā€™m Felix šŸ‘‹
I am an interaction designer, technologist, and angry optimist with a passion for creating responsibly delightful products & interactions.

I work at Above in Malmö, where we often work through exploratory prototyping on products that I mostly can't talk about yet.

Exploratory Protyping

Sometimes I get to teach classes and worskops on design for sustainability (at CIID), tangible interfaces and interactive inflatables, amongst other things.

Design for Sustainability

Tangible Interfaces

Interactive Inflatables

When I worked at TEAGUE I helped understand how design can create trust in autonomous vehicles, used VR to prototype Car UX, and explored what crossing a street of autonomous cars might feel like.

Trust in autonomous cars

VR prototyping Car UX

Crossing the autonomous road

At TEAGUE Labs, I also lead efforts that proposed a lightbulb with graceful obsolescence, imagined novel ways to control IoT devices, and built an alarm clock that charges your phone.

Filo - modular lightbulb

Tap to Tweak

Alarm Dock

During my Masters at the MIT Media Lab I developed thin-film interfaces that bend, created a toolkit for interactive inflatables, and co-authored a paper on designing inflatables from various materials.




Some older projects I worked on and am still somewhat proud of include a digital / analog marble game, a design fiction project about a book that makes you feel things (literally), and co-authoring a paper on interactions with phones on screens


Sensory Fiction